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On the Journey: Sunday to Sunday (Trailers)


Sunday to Sunday, the Emmy-award-winning video series presents its recent documentary on St. Monica’s Catholic Community, Santa Monica, CA. This feature-length documentary profiles four parishioners who Msgr. Lloyd Torgerson’s pastoral leadership has inspired.

In this short preview, Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus in the highly acclaimed TV series “The Chosen,” introduces us to his fellow parishioners at Saint Monica’s. From building a maternity hospital in a desperately impoverished neighborhood in Nairobi, Kenya, to caring for elderly patients at UCLA in Santa Monica during Covid, the documentary is a richly told call to action for viewers searching for true joy in living. We hear from a top executive who trades his position in finance for college teaching, and we see how a counselor assists Saint Monica’s young couples in preparing for marriage and their life together.

From Sunday to Sunday’s inception three years ago, we’ve featured 13 of the country’s most engaging pastors and their faith communities. What’s unique about the St. Monica documentary is that we’re focusing primarily on the inspired work of parishioners.

For the past year, our cameras have been closely following the pastoral efforts of parishioners Jill Tabit (founder of New Dawn Africa), Bill Simon (Adjunct professor UCLA/civic leader), Briana Rodrigues (Nurse Practitioner, UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center), and Michael DiPaolo (Psychologist/marriage counselor). Each of their stories, rooted in faith, has an optimistic appeal for viewers and explores this vibrant parish community of faith that is Saint Monica’s.

Sunday to Sunday is a televised  program that can also be viewed online with paid subscription

Full feature can be viewed here -->

Sunday to Sunday

Tech Spec

Shooting Format: Digital

Camera: RED HELIUM 8K & DJI Inspire 2 Zenmuse X7

Lens: Tokina Vista Prime Kit

Director & DOP: Carlos Torres
Co-Director Story Editor: Karen Torres

A Cam & Gimbal Op: Jake Slonecker

B Cam: Lance Rand

Sound: Spencer Moore

PA's: Ceci French & Chloe Mackey


Jonathan Roumie 


Production Company: CutFocus

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