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Trigger Warning: The following contains sounds and images used to depict a panic attack.


XIETY explores the ways anxiety may feel for those who suffer from it through a visual journey in Val's mind- XIETY. Val struggles to stay mentally present during a night out with friends. What may seem like a simple, fun, and relaxing night for others is physical and mental torture for Val. Her anxiety quickly builds up to a panic attack and she finds herself stuck in her mental world of XIETY. 

Tech Spec

Shooting Format: Digital

Camera: RED HELIUM 8K & DJI Inspire 2 Zenmuse X7

Lens: ZEISS Milvus 100mm f/2M ZE Macro Lens

Director & DOP: Carlos Torres
Co-Director: Karen Torres

Camera Op & Gimbal Op: Jake Slonecker


Line Producer: Ceci French

Editor: Carlos & Karen Torres

Sound Mixer: Emerald Tanaka

2ND BTS photographer: Matthew Pak

Story Board Artist: Adrian Montemayor


Karen Torres


Lisie Rosenberg

T.J. Burke

Script Supervisor: Clarissa Camille

PA & Location Scout : Daisy Acosta-Campos


Special thanks to the following! Couldn't have done it without you all!

Teresa and Michael Mansfield

Margaret Field Nancy, Mike, and Madison Mooney Bernardo Ayala Campos from Napa Valley Bistro

Brian Slonecker


Production Company: CutFocus

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